If you’re here, I know you’re ready to make a change and start running your business differently. You’ve already created a good amount of success for yourself. But now, you’re ready for a shift.

Actually, you’re not just ready, if we’re being honest: you’re desperate.

Because the fact is you HAVE to make a change or else (you’re scared to admit it but) you might just throw in the towel.

I see you. I hear you. I get you. 

Clients come to me all the time with… and I want you to know that you have the ability to grow your business, make more money AND have more space, breathing room and flexibility for yourself (and your team!) 

Growing your business and building a high-level, lean team
can seem overwhelming. 

It actually might even seem impossible, especially when you feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get your current work done, let alone adding “managing someone else” to your plate!


When business owners come to me, they’re usually in this place:

Spending all their time in their client’s accounts trying to make sure that nothing falls through the cracks. They’re so focused on client work that they're worried they’ll never figure out their own business.

They’ve tried everything to create more space for themselves like -- setting “boundaries” with their clients, turning their computer off at 5pm or taking a day off -- but they often end up having even more work piled up when they get back so it doesn’t even seem worth it.

They have delegated to a team member in the past, but it only ended up creating more work that they then had to fix! UGH.

They’re not sure another program or mastermind can help them, but they know they’re ready for REAL answers because they’re tired of wasting time, money, and energy on methods that give them ZERO results. 


I also want you to know that I’ve helped many entrepreneurs fix these exact problems and I’m here to help you do the same.

Simply put, I’ve got your back.


I help passionate and driven service providers build a business and team that they love through a combination of leadership, management, hiring and mindset support.

After managing million-dollar TV projects, building a multi-six figure agency of my own, and mentoring other service providers to grow teams without sacrificing their sanity, I know what it takes to step into the CEO role in your business.

And I know, because I’ve been there.

I started as a done-for-you service provider in the online space and quickly became booked out -- which is such a good thing, right?!


Anytime I would leave my computer or log-out for the night, I would cross my fingers hoping that I wouldn’t get an emergency client email. I remember the tightness in stomach when I would go to check my phone, hoping my night wouldn’t be ruined.

And that left me feeling, well, really anxious and stressed.

When I left my corporate job, I vowed to never put my happiness and well-being in someone else’s hands. And here I was, just a year later, doing the same damn thing.

I remember my husband asking me, “Nicole, when is this going to get better? How many more months are you going to work this hard getting paid less than what you did at your job?!”

In that moment, I made a decision. I was going to take everything I already knew about leadership, management, and power and apply it to ME.

And when I finally took that step, things started changing -- pretty quickly too.

My clients started respecting my boundaries, my team stepped into their leadership, and I increased my take-home pay by 85%! 

During this time, other done-for-you service providers were reaching out asking -- how are you doing it? How are you growing your business and building a team so easily? Tell me your secrets!!

What I figured out is that business owners needed a different solution. A solution that included MORE than business strategy, systems suggestions, and SOP templates. 

They needed to learn how to step into the CEO role of their business and develop their leadership and management skills so that they could feel confident handling ANY situation that was thrown their way.


You wake up every morning EXCITED to start the day knowing that you are truly doing what you love and working with people you love. 

You feel CONFIDENT about the direction of your business, and most importantly, you feel confident in YOURSELF as a leader.

Your revenue increases WHILE you’re creating more space for yourself, which allows you to focus on business growth, exciting projects, and more high-quality family time!

Your relationship with your loved-ones has improved by 150% now that you’re not CRYING over client-work, money, and lack of sleep all.the.time.

After mentoring clients privately, I realized that what would be most powerful and supportive for these business owners was to come TOGETHER. To be in a community with other done-for-you service providers that were building their teams and growing their businesses. 

And that’s when The CEO Roundtable was born.

A Mastermind for high-level business owners that are stepping out of burnout and into the CEO role of their company (for good!)

The CEO Roundtable is a 12-month program for business owners who are ready to step into the CEO role in their business and create long-lasting, sustainable success. 

It’s delivered through a mixture of 1:1 private support and a mastermind experience and includes a group calls, co-working sessions and two in-person retreats!

If you’re ready to move from burning your candle at both ends of the stick to doubling your revenue and having more time for yourself. Then click below to apply.

*we accept a limited number of participants every year, so let’s chat to see if this is a good fit for you!


Before Nicole and The CEO Roundtable, I was reinventing the wheel with every client and couldn’t add new clients without causing me to work even more hours. For years, I hired (and fired) lots of team members, always thinking they were the problem. Turns out, I was the problem, and Nicole fixed me.

After working together, I have hired two high level team members and completely broken through my revenue goals. The best part? I don't have to work nights and weekends anymore!! And I have full trust that my team will take good care of our clients.

If you are building an agency business or hiring a team to support you in your business, you HAVE to work with Nicole. Every single minute with Nicole is pure magic.


Before working with Nicole, my business was growing, but I was way too involved in day-to-day operations to focus on hiring the right people and growing my business. 

After implementing Nicole’s leadership and growth strategies, I'm now generating multi-revenue streams, my team is handling our done-for-you services and I’m excited to continue to scale my business! 

If you're looking to double your revenue and increase your time, definitely work with Nicole!


I’ve been hiring people to help behind the scenes for years and I’ve always been frustrated with my own ability to lead and how to structure systems and processes when a team is involved. Have you ever caught yourself saying things like “no one can do it the way I can” or “it’s easier if I just do it myself, it takes too much time to hand it off!” To no one but my own fault…I just didn’t know how to structure and scale a business for growth, 🙈

Since working with Nicole, I’ve hired two key people who are kicking butt, and I’m so happy I finally learned how to step fully into leading and growing a team here at Pinegate. It feels so good to be supported in this way. If building a team to grow your business is something you’re even a tiny bit interested in, talk to Nicole!

Kelsey Kerslake, Pinegate Road



The CEO Roundtable is a small group of business owners that are growing their team to serve more people and make a bigger impact. This group is specifically geared towards hiring, managing, and leading a team that provides A+ client service + support. It's also 100% focused on helping people (the CEO and their team members) do more of what they love.


Through leadership, strategy, and action, you’ll shift from burn-out and overwhelm into your true role as CEO with more space and freedom. 

Realign your business to create a life you love

Attract the right clients (that are easy to work with and happily pay)

Hire the right people (at the right time)

Master your management

Step into your leadership (in your life and business)


This program will support you in stepping into your leadership with guidance, direction, suggestions and resources. This program will support you in creating custom business and hiring strategies that make sense for you and your company. It will also provide tools for how to make decisions, how to trust yourself, how to lead yourself, and your team. 

And in order to do that, this program requires that you:

Take full ownership over your life and business, along with your results and your success. There is no blame game played here. We only work with and accept empowered business owners into this program.

Commit to showing up, taking action, and asking for what you need. 

To get to your next level in business, it requires that you are willing to show up, even when it’s hard and even when you don’t want to. It requires getting intentional and figuring out what you need and then asking for it. 


It’s for the business owner who is READY to do the uncomfortable work of change.

Because here’s the truth: Your efforts thus far haven’t helped you achieve the life and business you really deeply desire. It’s gotten you here though, and that’s not nothing.

The things that set you apart from others and the reason why you’ve grown your business this much is:

You don’t quit. And you can’t imagine going back to a job anyway. So even though you have “moments” of wanting to quit, you know it’s not an option that you really desire.

You take ownership. You know that you have the ability to create the life you want and change when things aren’t going to plan, which is why you’re here in the first place. 

You aren’t afraid to look inside. Change is an inside job. You aren’t afraid of personal development work and really figuring out your truth, and what you need.

You have courage. To do things even when they feel scary. Change can feel messy, and you’re ready for it. Because you know it will feel so much better on the other side and you’re not willing to tolerate staying where you are.

If you are nodding your head saying, “yep, this is me to a T,” then the CEO Roundtable is for YOU.

Your year in the CEO Roundtable includes:


1:1 private calls to use throughout the year (we talk about how to get you closer to your vision for your business & support you with what's going on right now.)

Group Roundtable calls where you'll be supported by Nicole and other industry leaders.

In-Person Roundtable Retreats! These in-person events are transformational and will completely change your life and business.

A Private Facebook Group to connect with the other Roundtable members.

Coaching Support between calls.

If you’re ready to step into the CEO role in your business, to grow a business that you love, working with people that you love, then make sure to apply below!